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Testimonials - Old Dominion Home Care

Testimonials From Our Clients

“My godmother has always been strong, active, intellectually driven woman.  She worked domestically and internationally and achieved financial success over the years.  At age 91, however, a rapidly progressing dementia required radical changes in her daily life and care.  She moved from independent living to assisted living to a memory care unit in a space of 7 months.  Despite the best efforts of caring staff at her retirement facility, she needed more care.  If left alone she was anxious, unhappy and felt abandoned.  At times she lashed out in frustration.  We had to do something.

At the retirement facility’s suggestion, I called Old Dominion.  Sue Roll took my call and started the process to assess my godmother and to get all the practical “stuff” prepared quickly and efficiently.  Diane Richardson, the nurse who prepared my godmother’s assessment, was prompt, thorough and empathetic as she completed her work.  The care staff members are remarkable – attentive, kind, gentle, and professional.  They are quick to report any problems to me, the retirement facility and to their management team.  When my godmother is having a bad time, they are patient and caring.  We have an aide with her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It has meant a great deal to my godmother and to my wife and me.

Over the past 20 years, my wife and I have served as primary caregivers and/or financial and medical advisers under POA for her parents, my parents, her first cousin, and now my godmother.  We have experienced the good and the mediocre in elder care.  Old Dominion has been a faithful and devoted partner in making my godmother’s last years as good as they can be.  We are grateful.”



“I was impressed by the “hand holding” experience from “hello” to “goodbye.” No family is prepared for asking for help for an aging parent. You made such a difference by helping our family move from the hospital to rehab center to home. Outstanding customer service with a caring hand along the way. I also liked the way you matched my mother’s interests to a caregiver with same interests. Terrific!!”
Bennett C.

Client Son

“I want you to know how grateful I am for the outstanding professional and compassionate personal care services your [caregiver] rendered my sister. I am very thankful for her comforting presence at the time my sister passed. She always had a kind word and a warm embrace for my sister during the total time she was with her.”
Stuart J.

Client Brother

Testimonial photo
Testimonial photo
“Your signature, “Old Dominion Home Care Team” is so true. We were clients for 18 months and truly depended upon the product of your business – Service!!! Thank you all; [your scheduler] is the gentle ‘rock’ of the team. Her patience, understanding of company mission, quick comprehension of client/patient needs and her untiring efforts to blend caregivers to fulfill those needs…is a wonderful tribute to your company.”
James S.

Client Husband

“Our experience with the staff and caregivers from Old Dominion Home Care was excellent. We originally needed care for my 98 year old mother for 20 hours a week. However, when she became ill, and we realized she needed full-time care temporarily, you were able to schedule caregivers immediately. [Your nurses] gave us direction and guidance…putting us in touch with [a Geriatric Care Manager] who walked us through this difficult time. Your staff was so attentive, calling us frequently to check on my mother as well as our wellbeing. Thank you all so much!”
Debbie W.

Client Daughter

“We had just done an assessment with Old Dominion Home Care for my 90 year old father and started a schedule of 4-hour visits 3 times a week. Then Dad had a stroke and spent a week in the hospital. After that Dad’s ability to care for himself was at a much lower level. With less than a day’s notice Old Dominion provided us with 12 hour per day caregivers who attended him in his senior facility. This worked out beautifully for my father and family. Excellent care is provided Dad, and our family enjoys peace of mind that Dad is well cared for.”
Mary Lee C.

Client Daughter

“The care my mother received from Old Dominion Home Care was outstanding.  During our time with Old Dominion we had (3) caregivers and each one was wonderful with mother.  Mother was always happy to see them when they arrived each day to care for her.  The RN that visited Mother was also wonderful.”
Jody G.

Client Daughter

Testimonial photo

First let me thank you and your wonderful staff for all the support you have given me both when Bob was alive and since he passed away. Each of the caregivers who came into our home treated him with respect, kindness and dignity. He very much enjoyed their visits, and the fact that it meant I had some free time. Each one with their own personality brought life into his day whether it was through helping him with dressing, exercises, taking walks, eating or chatting.

I was very moved to see that you all made a donation to the UVA Department of Neurology in him memory. I went to UVA and while Bob was from New Hampshire, he really loved UVA and the time we spent there through the years. He always wore his UVA hat and was proud that his wife had gone to a school he so much admired. As we learned about the research UVA was doing on Parkinson’s, it was another reason to love and support UVA. We knew that he would probably not benefit from the research, but could only hope that some of the many folks we had met with Parkinson’s would benefit.

Keep doing the great job you are doing providing caregivers in Northern Virginia.

Ruth Ann


“She is so helpful, but it’s not just that,” says Sandy of Nydia, a caregiver here at Old Dominion Home Care. “She is also very kind and friendly. I know her family, and she knows my family. We have a friendship that goes beyond the care and assistance that she provides.”

We invite you to read the full article that was featured in The Sourcebook -  Care and Companionship by Christy Brudin.

Sandy Kabat

One of our many happy clients.

“(The scheduling staff) has been most responsive to bequests for aides…our aide Susana is terrific; my mom looks forward to her visits!”


“After her cancer diagnosis, Chuck’s mother had around the-clock help with Old Dominion,” said Linda. “We all worked together; family, our parents, and their caregivers. As it turned out, it was both of our parents’ last year and those relationships were very precious to us all.”

“The caregivers knew what they were doing. They were trained well and several of the young women we had have gone on to nursing school. Old Dominion consistently provided bright, caring people.”

It was over the span of nearly five years that each of Linda and Chuck’s parents had received the care and support they needed from the same reliable home care company, and all lived well into their 90s. By knowing when to ask for help, the couple found compassionate assistance that enabled them to enjoy and treasure each of their parents as they neared the end of their long and rich lives.

We invite you to read the full article that was featured in The Sourcebook -  Knowing When To Ask For Help by Lauren Searson.

Linda and Chuck Holliman

Daughter and son of 4 past clients

“To the staff of ODHC, words cannot express our gratitude for the care and compassion you showed our entire family but most especially dad. Your words of support, beautiful flowers, tireless efforts to schedule and most of all tender and loving touch as you provided dad’s personal care were so appreciated. Before dad passed (I think it was the Friday after Thanksgiving) dad called me to his room and said, “I am in such a kind place.” He was grateful for the kindness of all of you. He passed so peacefully in the home he loved surrounded by Bailey and photos of his family. Thank you for helping his final wish come true. “


“From my heart I thank you for being with David and me through some very challenging years. There was no way either of us approved of his being cared for any place other than in our home. With your assistance, our ODHC family afforded us that opportunity. Forever, my children and I will be grateful to each of you.”


“Services were truly life-saving, or extending in our case. The happiness Ellia and Tyrone brought my grandfather during his last months was invaluable and more appreciated than words could simply express. Thank all of you so much – would recommend services 1000X over!”
B. Morgan


“From scheduling to implementation, ODHC is a thoroughly professional and caring organization. Everyone that we have interfaced with has been unfailingly polite, patient and always attentive to my wife’s well being. Having the ODHC organization working with us has gone a long way to reducing stress and improving quality of life in our home.”


“My mother’s caregiver was joy. She was absolutely wonderful – a joy herself. My mother loved her.”


In a letter to Ruth, caregiver, “Your kindness to Barbara was invaluable these past few months. Thank you for being so attentive to her every need and always making her comfortable as possible. It would have been hard for Barbara’s husband without you to help him. As a registered nurse I have seen many caregivers, some good and some bad. You are among the best.”


We look forward to working with you.