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Hearing Loss

  Presbycusis is a gradual loss of hearing that may come with age. It can be caused by changes in the inner ear, auditory nerve, middle ear, or outer ear. Hearing loss can also be caused by loud noise exposure, heredity, head injury, infection, illness, some...

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Making Exercise a Habit

I am not much of an athlete, but summers get me in the spirit of fitness and exercise.  If you remember a couple years ago, a record was set by a centenarian!  Diana Gould became the oldest Olympic torch bearer at 100 years of age.  Like most older adults who are...

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Summer, Seniors and Safety

Do you remember your summer time with the Seniors in your life? Images of the water, lazy days, stories and cool drinks swirl in my head when I think about summer.  Indeed summer can be fun and may allow for more time to spend with our families and seniors.  You may...

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Memory and Cognition

Luminosity, Brain Games………do these sound familiar? Many companies are catering to the baby boom generation that is starting to show concern about their memory and brain function. Sometimes when I talk to families, they express concern that their loved one has little...

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Healthy Aging and Activities

We all age, but how can we age healthy and gracefully? For the past few months each morning, I have been noticing an older gentleman walking along the street, near my office, heading for the local gym.  The weather has no effect on his routine, whether there is rain,...

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Brain Training and Seniors

The first time I heard of brain plasticity, my mind conjured up a picture of Tupperware.  Neuroscientists use this term to refer to the ability of our brain and cognitive ability to change at any age.  The change includes both development and decline of our brain...

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