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Memory and Cognition

Luminosity, Brain Games………do these sound familiar? Many companies are catering to the baby boom generation that is starting to show concern about their memory and brain function. Sometimes when I talk to families, they express concern that their loved one has little...

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Healthy Aging and Activities

We all age, but how can we age healthy and gracefully? For the past few months each morning, I have been noticing an older gentleman walking along the street, near my office, heading for the local gym.  The weather has no effect on his routine, whether there is rain,...

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Brain Training and Seniors

The first time I heard of brain plasticity, my mind conjured up a picture of Tupperware.  Neuroscientists use this term to refer to the ability of our brain and cognitive ability to change at any age.  The change includes both development and decline of our brain...

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Home Care for Two Makes Cents!

When we were first called to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, it was because Mrs. Johnson had macular degeneration.  The condition made it difficult for her to do her normal household chores because her perception was off causing her to sometimes fall. Seniors are...

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