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COVID-19 Information

Dear Client and Responsible Party, We want to thank you for trusting Old Dominion Home Care to provide assistance to your loved one. We continue to remain focused on delivering the best care to our clients during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.  We are constantly...

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MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR VISIT WITH THE DOCTOR             It used to be when you went to the doctor, the rule of thumb was “the doctor knows best.”  You, the patient relied on the doctor to make all the...

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New Blood Pressure Guidelines

PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT—NEW BLOOD PRESSURE GUIDELINES     Have you been to your doctor’s recently and been surprised when the doctor announced that you had high blood pressure?  Not to worry, you have not changed, just the guidelines for the definition of high...

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Living with Dementia

LIVING WITH DEMENTIA “I’m Still Myself”  "Here is what I wish someone had told me about three weeks after I was diagnosed.  Dementia is not a death sentence.  It is a wakeup call to live your life, today and every day for the rest of your life as fully as possible. ...

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Navigating the Medical Maze

Navigating the Medical Maze or “ A Week in the Life of a Care Manager” The other day I received an urgent call from a woman whose husband had just been discharged from a local hospital to a nearby nursing home.  She was confronted with a painful dilemma—she needed to...

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Aging Alone

 Could You Be An Elder Orphan? In 2013 when I was working as an aging life care manager our business held a focus group comprised of aging adults who lived in our community.  We wanted to learn what their most pressing concerns were.  The number one fear was “how am I...

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Retirement Community Options

WHAT IF? What if, after considering all the important questions about what it takes to age in place, you decide it is not the right decision for you?  What are the alternatives for a supportive retirement community?  This is article, the last in the series, ...

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What It Takes to Age In Place

Part III in Series on “Aging Well” ‘’ITS ALWAYS TOO SOON UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE”  If you are one of those people who say “I am staying put, thank you,” then you are not alone! Literature states that 90% of adults want to “age in place.”  That is because we all assume...

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