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Respite, Hospital & Facility Care in Northern Virginia

Respite Care, Hospital Sitter & Facility Care

Personal CareRespite Care

Respite Care is something needed when the primary caregiver needs a short-term break.  Often we provide Respite Care during holiday times, or during the summer months when families may be traveling but cannot bring their senior family member with them.  We can provide care for as little as a weekend, a week, or a month. Companionship and Personal Care services are available for Respite Care.

Hospital Sitter

Having a loved one in the hospital is quite stressful not only for the patient, but also for families.  Often families are unable to be with their loved one as much as they would like, due to work and family obligations, as well as distance to the hospital.  We are able to provide a caregiver to act as a “sitter” during the hospital or facility stay.  We can provide a “sitter” any time, day or overnight.

We can provide the patient with:

  • Encouragement
  • Comfort and safety
  • Alerting the medical staff if there is a problem immediately
  • Conversation
  • Peace of mind

Facility Care

Recovering from surgery, an illness, or a fall often involves going into a rehabilitation facility prior to returning to a client’s private residence.  We are able to provide additional care/ support during these temporary stays, as families may want more one on one care given to their loved one.  We can provide the additional care during the daytime, or overnight; and are available any day.  Sometimes, facilities even encourage families to hire us to provide the additional support for safety reasons.

Another time we provide facility care is when someone has decided to move from his or her private residence into a Senior Community (Independent, Assisted Living, Rehabilitation or Skilled Facility).  This typically takes an adjustment, and many times the client will benefit from having a caregiver who can help with the transition.

During the adjustment period, we can help with: unpacking personal items, acclimating the client to activities, meals, and helping them adjust to a new home.

After the move and adjustment period, some additional home care may be desired. Caregivers can offer companionship and the extra care to help a client stay as independent as possible (often allowing a client to remain in the Independent Living, verses needing to move to the Assisted Living, area longer).


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