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Hospital, Facility and Respite Care - Old Dominion Home Care

We Are Northern Virginia’s Premier Hospital, Facility and Respite Care Provider

redhead-woman Here at Old Dominion Home Care, we believe in honoring independence, valuing individuality and preserving the dignity of seniors in our community. Therefore, we help families by providing a Hospital Sitter, general Facility Care or Transitional Care as needed.
Our Various Facility Care Options:

Our Hospital Sitters are there for you when you’re unable to be with your hospitalized loved one as much as you would like whether it is due to work, family or geographical limitations. We can provide a sitter for your loved one at any time, day or overnight. Hospital Sitters can provide your loved ones with:

Peace of Mind & Encouragement


Conversation & Companionship


Alerting the Medical Staff to Problems

Comfort, Safety & Sense of Security

General Facility Care is ideal for a loved one who may be recovering from surgery, illness or a fall and requires rehabilitation before they can return to their own home. We can help you and your loved one by providing:

Personalized One on One Care


Safety Support - Day & Overnight

Transitional Facility Care is also here for you when someone has decided to move from a private residence to a Senior Community (such as Independent, Assisted Living or Memory Care Center). Our caregivers can help with this transition, encouraging smooth adjustments. In these situations, we lend a hand when it comes to:

Packing/Unpacking Personal Items

Adjusting to their New Home

Acclimating to Community Activities

Independent Living Support

Respite Care for situations when the primary caregiver may need a short-term break, whether this is for a particular time of day (overnight, etc.) or over a short duration.  It could be during the holidays or summer months when families may be traveling but cannot bring their senior family member with them. Ranging from a weekend to a month, companionship and personal care services are available for your loved ones while you are away.

Why Choose Old Dominion Home Care?

We are a local, family owned and operated business, NOT a national company or franchise.

All of our caregivers are employees, NOT independent contractors.

The majority of our caregivers have a valid driver's license, carry auto insurance, and have had their driving record reviewed. ALL employees are drug screened pre-employment.

We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Health, have general & professional liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance.


Services are available as little as 15 hours per week, or up to 24/7 care every day of the year.

We have one of our employees on-call 24/7 to answer the phones, we do not use a calling service.

All of our employees receive monthly caregiver training.

Plus You'll Receive The Old Dominion Home Care Lifeline Program

Receive our FREE in-home assessment & consultation!

We meet with each client to determine their individualized needs and to evaluate the client’s personality and lifestyle to ensure they are matched with the right caregiver.

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Job Opportunities

Become a Caregiver with Old Dominion Home Care

We will provide the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert System for two months at no cost immediately after starting our home care services. So you can have peace of mind and assurance that if something does happen in your home, whether a fall or some other emergency, that assistance is available with the push of a button 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Testimonials From Our Clients

“After her cancer diagnosis, Chuck’s mother had around the-clock help with Old Dominion,” said Linda. “We all worked together; family, our parents, and their caregivers. As it turned out, it was both of our parents’ last year and those relationships were very precious to us all.”

“The caregivers knew what they were doing. They were trained well and several of the young women we had have gone on to nursing school. Old Dominion consistently provided bright, caring people.”

It was over the span of nearly five years that each of Linda and Chuck’s parents had received the care and support they needed from the same reliable home care company, and all lived well into their 90s. By knowing when to ask for help, the couple found compassionate assistance that enabled them to enjoy and treasure each of their parents as they neared the end of their long and rich lives.

We invite you to read the full article that was featured in The Sourcebook -  Knowing When To Ask For Help by Lauren Searson.

Linda and Chuck Holliman

Daughter and son of 4 past clients

“She is so helpful, but it’s not just that,” says Sandy of Nydia, a caregiver here at Old Dominion Home Care. “She is also very kind and friendly. I know her family, and she knows my family. We have a friendship that goes beyond the care and assistance that she provides.”

We invite you to read the full article that was featured in The Sourcebook -  Care and Companionship by Christy Brudin.

Sandy Kabat

One of our many happy clients.

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