Parkinson’s Care

We have been helping to facilitate Parkinson's support groups in the local community for over 4 years.

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We are Northern Virginia's Premier Parkinson's Care Provider

The team at Old Dominion Home Care is dedicated to supporting the Parkinson community with the best quality of care. Our nurses and caregivers are trained specifically in the best practices of Parkinson’s Care. We know that each person with Parkinson’s disease is unique and that symptoms change from day to day. For this reason, we have developed a specialized Parkinson’s training program. From moderate assistance to full-time care, we work with your family to create a plan that is customized to your specific needs.

Owner Sue Roll with her mom & dad (who has Parkinson’s) at the Walk-Off for the PFNCA (Parkinson Foundation National Capital Area).

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“The care is focused on me and the results have been dramatic. They have me up, walking, and moving. They have unique training on Parkinson’s and know how to treat me … Everyday is a new day and if my Parkinson’s is acting up, she will sit down and enjoy the day with me as best we can.”