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Personal Care ServicesPersonal Care Service

When a senior needs hands-on assistance or specialized Dementia/Alzheimer’s care, “Personal Care” is provided. A nurse will create an individualized Plan of Care that will be customized for the client’s specific needs. Often, clients and their family members prefer to have a professional caregiver to provide hands on care, alleviating any discomfort that may be caused by family roles shifting (a child or spouse providing personal care for the loved one).

Bathing, Hygiene, Grooming

Personal hygiene remains a priority as we age. Bodies may get infections easier if good hygiene is not maintained. At times assistance is needed for safe and comfortable bathing; our caregivers are ready to assist and encourage clients. Assistance may also be needed with dressing; our caregivers can help as much as dressing a client completely or as little as lending a hand with clothing buttons and shoe laces.

Incontinence Care

It is essential to keep the skin clean and dry to prevent skin breakdown and potential Urinary Tract Infections. Caregivers are trained to regularly monitor client’s toileting needs.

Transferring / Mobility assistance

Caregivers are trained to assist clients with ambulation and proper transfers. Caregivers encourage activity such as walking and range of motion exercises as appropriate.

Cognitive impairment – Memory loss / dementia

Aging may cause memory loss, as well as other cognitive deficits. Confusion, forgetfulness, poor judgment, and difficulty with remembering what to do in daily activities may occur. Caregivers can provide the extra reminders and support that will help the senior remain independent in their home, as well as providing added peace of mind to families.

Medication Reminders

Caregivers can ensure medications are taken on time and safely. Medications need to be organized in a pillbox unless the client is able to manage them completely on their own. Medication compliance in seniors can help them remain independent in their home.


For seniors that can get in and out of a car safely, our caregivers can provide transportation to and from appointments, as well as run errands with our clients.


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