Senior Visitor Program

Aging can be lonely. And isolating. And challenging.

Let our Senior Visitors help. Your loved one can stay safe, independent and engaged, while also having fun and finding friendship. And let our Senior Visitors provide YOU peace of mind and assurance that your loved one is cared for and cared about.

Who is a Senior Visitor?

Senior Visitors are active retirees, empty nesters and stay-at-home parents. All visitors are college-educated. They are experienced in working with seniors and possess patience, understanding and initiative. Friendly and helpful, they develop meaningful relationships with their clients. Our staff is trained to support all forms of dementia, Parkinson’s and mobility issues.

The department is managed by Director Catherine Beddow and Assistant Director Joan Davis. Catherine developed the Senior Visitor Program at Old Dominion in 2017 following several years with a Northern Virginia geriatric care management company. Joan is a registered nurse and joined in 2018 after a career in management and home care. Together they hire and train staff, work with families and clients to match the best-suited visitor with each client, set schedules, and coordinate visit plans to ensure visits are meeting the needs of clients and their families.

What is a visit?

At home or out-and-about, a visit is scheduled time well-spent in the enjoyable company of a Senior Visitor. Visits are tailored to the specific needs and interests of each client. A visit is typically 1-2 hours, but timing is flexible and there are no minimum requirements. Clients enjoy the routine and familiarity of having one assigned visitor. After each visit, the visitor emails a summary of the visit to the family or responsible party.

Activities include shared hobbies like art projects, crafting, reading and light gardening; errands such as groceries, salon visits and medical appointments; and at-home projects like organizing, sorting mail and helping with technology. Visitors also help connect with friends and family through email and social media and assist with online shopping. Social outings often include lunch, walks, shopping and museum-going. Special cultural and religious events may also be arranged.

Visitors also provide transportation services to medical appointments and procedures. A Senior Visitor will drive, assist and accompany their client throughout the duration, follow up with errands such as prescription pickup, and ensure they are safely settled back at home.

The Senior Visitor Program is not suited for individuals who require personal care, assistance with activities of daily living or house-cleaning. We recommend these clients to our Personal Care Services.

Why choose Old Dominion Home Care's Senior Visitor Program?

Old Dominion developed this program as a stand-alone department with it’s own management team, staff and training. This approach ensures the highest level of client service and professionalism for this specialized service. The program is flexible and customized for each client to create meaningful opportunities for your loved one to enjoy and enhance their daily lives.

Let our Senior Visitors bring Joy to your loved one and Peace of Mind to you.

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Why choose Old Dominion Home Care?

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“The program has brought great joy to some of my clients and for others it has brought immense help. For most it brings both. I really could not be happier with the Senior Visitor Program!”

Aging Life Care Manager