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Retirement Community Options

WHAT IF? What if, after considering all the important questions about what it takes to age in place, you decide it is not the right decision for you?  What are the alternatives for a supportive retirement community?  This is article, the last in the series, ...

What It Takes to Age In Place

Part III in Series on “Aging Well” ‘’ITS ALWAYS TOO SOON UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE”  If you are one of those people who say “I am staying put, thank you,” then you are not alone! Literature states that 90% of adults want to “age in place.”  That is because we all assume...

Home Care enables a Senior to Live at Home

Imagine you are in your late 50s and already living in an assisted living facility.  That was the case for Audrey who contracted West Nile Virus here in the states then developed encephalitis.  Her judgment became impaired and she could no longer drive or live on her...