Our Companion Care Services

We humans are social beings, we are meant to connect with others. With the loss of a loved one thru distance or death, having a meaningful relationship with a professional companion can be a lifeline to help a senior maintain their quality of life.

Having a caregiver who can share in a laugh, enjoy friendly conversation, listen to stories, enjoy old photographs, eat a meal with, or engage in physical activities can make a positive difference in a life.


Meal Preparation / Special Diets

Having a caregiver prepare a nutritious meal, a light snack, along with providing conversation during meal time can certainly brighten the senior’s day, and encourage them to eat better. Statistics have shown that many seniors do not eat properly, and are undernourished. Proper nourishment and proper hydration may help to increase ones physical energy level, and cognitive health.

If a special diet is required due to a health condition, our caregiver can give special attention to these needs. The diet restrictions will need to be given to the Nurse at the time of assessment, and as things change.


Light Housekeeping

ODHC caregivers will provide homemaking services in the client’s primary living areas such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area. Typically this includes: vacuuming, sweeping, wiping down countertops, and keeping spaces free of germs. Our caregivers can help our clients keep their homes organized and clutter free.



The caregiver will provide wash, dry, fold, and put the laundry away for the client. All linens (bath and bed) will be cleaned as well. Linens will be changed at least weekly, or as per the Client’s request, or need.


Medication reminders

Caregivers can ensure medications are taken on time and safely. Medications need to be organized in a pill box unless the client is able to manage them completely on their own. Medication compliance in seniors can help them remain independent in their home.


Transportation with ODHC

Kenny, owner transporting caregiver in snow to work!


For seniors that can get in and out of a car safely, our caregivers can provide transportation to and from appointments, as well as run errands with our clients.


We look forward to working with you.

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